What can I go find for you here at CES?

Thanks for visiting this blog!
In coming days, I’ll post links here to the most impressive technology that I’ve found here at the Consumer Electronics Show, including some photos.
In the meantime, if there are things you’d like me to check out on your behalf, leave a comment here, or email me at AlanPerry1070@hotmail.com and I’ll do my best to find the answers.
On the right, you’ll see a few photos which I snapped today, including one taken here in the Media Centre (one of three Centres) where I’m writing this.
There’s also a shot of the new ultra-fast Intel i7 hyper-threaded quad-core (with eight separate processing threads) computer chip which you can get in select desktop PC’s.
Here’s a quick list of links to some of the things which we talked about on the air today on C-FAX 1070…

I’m heading back out onto the show floor(s)!  More to come Saturday 2-3pm when I join Chris and Matt on "C-FAX OnLine" from 2-3pm PST on C-FAX 1070 AM in Victoria, BC, or online at www.CFAX1070.com

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