Of all  the things I’ve seen at CES over the years, I’ve never had as much interest or feedback as I’ve had about The MagicJack.
This is a small $40 lighter-shaped device which, when plugged into a USB port on any computer (desktop, laptop or netbook) that has high-speed internet access, gives you unlimited free calling to any phone number in North America!
The $30 price includes one year of free unlimited use…additional years are $20 or five years for $60 which works out to $12 a year.
You either plug a traditional phone into the MagicJack or use a headset, and that’s all there is…it even comes with three-way calling, voicemail, and call waiting!
I’ve heard from listeners who’ve taken their MagicJack to Europe, Africa, and even China as well as all over North America, and they rave about it.
My live broadcasts from CES are being done on my MagicJack, so you can judge the quality for yourself by listening to C-FAX 1070 in Victoria, or online at  (see previous post about when I’ll be on the air)
I wish I could buy shares in this company!  For the record, I have no connection with the firm or its people..I’m just a huge fan of the product.
For Canadians, you can learn more at — in the U.S., it’s
Right now, it only works on Windows, but a Mac version should be available shortly.
When you first plug it in, you have to pick a phone number for it.
Right now, only U.S. phone numbers are available — for mine, I picked a Seattle number — but Canadian numbers are coming.
I’ll have more about this after I visit the MagicJack booth.
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